Everyone is welcome to be as adventurous as they like, after all it’s your handy work and everyone’s is unique.

Writer nibs are also available for the finishing touches, or additional embellishment.

Don’t worry if you are lacking in confidence we are on hand to help with ideas and tips and there are lots of examples to help inspire you and get you started.

All our paints are non-toxic, washable and suitable for everyday use once glazed and fired.

We have a range of children’s aprons to hand if you would like, all washed in hypo-allergenic products.

How much does it cost?


  • The great news is, there is no admission or studio fees, we simply charge you the price of the item you choose. All prices include the cost for paints, glaze and firing.
  • Prices start from £10.00! 
  • We add to our base stock regularly and most of the time there is a seasonal theme on display. We aim to keep all painters inspired and trying something new.

How Does it work?

When will my piece be ready?


Once completed, your pottery is glazed and fired on site. Pieces are ready for collection 7-10 days later. We will write the due date on your receipt, and encourage you to bring this with you upon collection. 

Paint your own ceramics...Make it your own...

The Mouse House Pottery Co. offers an activity with a difference!


Choose your piece...


  • When you arrive we will show you our large range of unglazed pottery (bisque). We have over 300 different items ready for painting!
  • There are many examples on our Farmhouse dressers for you to see.
  • Once you have chosen what you would like to decorate we will talk you through the different techniques and tools that you can use.

Decorate to your heart's content...


  • For young children, we offer a selection of sponge shapes and stamps to decorate their piece.
  • If they would like to choose one of the popular example designs then we can easily ensure that they can follow an outline by using a transfer technique.