So much fun...

Each complete Fairy Door is approximately 14cm tall and are perfect for sticking to the skirting board at home in the children's bedroom.

At only £15.00 each, these are rapidly growing in popularity, so much so that you can now have a 'Paint Your Own Fairy Door Party!' 

Take your pick...

Each Fairy Door can be painted any colour, each door comes with the wooden door & surround, window, little ‘A Fairy Lives Here’ sign and either a flower or a mushroom (dependant upon design.)

Once Painted, adorn your Fairy Door with up to  10 jewels or buttons for decoration.

Extra items like butterflies and ladybirds can be added from our scrabble additions box from 25p extra.

We have recently launched a unique and very popular activity for children aged 6+ right through to adults. We're proud to introduce 'Paint Your Own Fairy Door' from The Mouse House!

Choose from three different Fairy Door Designs, all made from wood which can then be painted with our in house acrylics - yet another fantastic 'Make & Take' product!​

Paint Your Own Fairy Doors!

Our newest addition to the huge range of activities in studio! ​

Paint your own ceramics...Make it your own...